cultural celebrations :: A Spanish fiesta!






Okay yes, yes…I already know that all of the foods pictured above are not Spanish or having anything to do with Spain or even Mexico (though we’re not to the Americas for a while).  However, there is a long standing tradition in Spain, the focus of our studies recently along with Portugal, to enjoy food called tapas.

And oh, how we really like that idea!  Appetizers of any variety (from our understanding, nearly anything can be tapas), served on small plates and enjoyed with great conversation.  Sounds like a meal plan to me! 

Our menu ::

crackers & vegan ‘cream cheese’ topped with sweet pepper jelly

a layered bean dip w/tortilla chips

french bread pan-fried in olive oil and topped with bruschetta (our recipe is at the bottom of this post)

cocktail shrimp (a little bit found in the back of the freezer! 🙂

maple chicken drumsticks

Simple decor included a red tablecloth and leftover decorations from our twelve-year old’s birthday party three years ago (yes, we seem to keep stuff like this).  Though we had intended to add some Spanish or flamenco music in the background, I think we were more focused on the food than dinner music!  A fun evening indeed….


A few tidbits ::

did you hear about the bullfight weeks ago in Spain that ended up with a bull in the stands!? fortunately there were no fatalities & only minor injuries.

we took a look at the Spanish galleons, huge ships used by explorers and tradesmen in the past

and don’t forget the benefit of touring the world via the virtual globe Google Earth :: we’ve enjoyed visiting the landscape and famous places of each country

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Ann@His Grace To Me

Tapas! What a yummy idea. We're still in Central America with our geography studies this year, but I'll have to tie tapas in somehow!