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the practice of {creating space}

We speak of creating time… but really, time has already been created.  It’s a finite gift at our disposal, an offering from One who is timeless.  From He who has no need for hours and days, minutes and moments.  He fills all of time, beginning to end. And we are given a slice.  A blessing […]


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the practice of {becoming less}

Jesus is coming. We find ourselves between the Advents :: his first humble entrance and his second triumphant return.  Yet in this place, He still comes. Daily Christ makes his way, hoping to make more known to us who He is, why He came, what He is about doing — in us, through us, around […]

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the practice of {letting go}

One could say leaves need limited direction in letting go, they know when. When to release and be liberated from branches, their homes for a season.  When to shake loose, be freed from function and place. With magnificent display, breathtaking beauty… they say good-bye. Purpose complete, vision accomplished, making room for more. If only I […]

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the practice of {taking time}

In an effort to slow myself, to take pleasure in a craft I truly enjoy, handwritten notes have become a preferred way of communication when thinking of others. Oh, email is still a favorite.  Really, our way of doing life would suffer without the ease of sending a quick note or the ability to ‘talk’ […]

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the practice of {speaking joy}

When life gives way to unexpecteds, new directions, changing tides… Speak Joy. If days are long, nights are weary, and comfort is fleeting… in the hospital room, the boardroom, in a room all alone, Speak Joy. Whether this day delivers exactly as expected, or in direct opposition to your intentions, find ways to speak joy. […]

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