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simple woman’s daybook :: november 2014

simple woman's daybook

As a practice of staying in the moment, focusing on right now… TODAY, I’m participating in the simple woman’s daybook.  Some affiliate links are below. *** Outside my window… it is evening as I write this, so outdoors is cozy dark. I am thankful… for a wonderful birthday last week, SO full of family togetherness enjoying Longwood Gardens and […]


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welcoming a new season (part 1) :: the secret to my joy

fall trees

{photos taken last November; we do not yet have fall leaves all over the ground!} If I could give complete voice and words to the last three to six months of life, I fear I would never stop talking.  For many of my thoughts are still pent up inside, waiting for a place to go. […]

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reflections on motherhood :: a letter to my teenage self

mother's day giveaway

{This week, a group of blogger friends and I bring you what we hope are encouraging posts to your mother’s heart.   Today, I share a post sitting in my draft folder for over 2 years, I think it’s time. A letter to my teenage self…} Dear Daniele, Oh my, you just celebrated 16! That […]

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what a month-long blogging break taught me

Hello again readers! In case you didn’t notice, I took a month break from blogging and writing.  Originally, the plan was for 2 weeks, but I extended this due to circumstances needing my attention.  I’m easing back into routine and wanted to offer a few reflections – even if just for myself. Thank you SO […]

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simple woman’s daybook :: focusing on today

Joining in February’s daybook entries…. TODAY: Outside my window… still snow almost everywhere I look.  Some {brown} grass peeking out here and there. I am thinking… about you, dear readers.  My inbox tells me several new and fresh-on-the-motherhood band wagon Moms read here. A series with you in mind just may be in order.  Thoughts about soaking up […]

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the homeschool mother’s journal 11.22.13

Joining in with the homeschool mother’s journal today: :: :: In my life this week… a little quieter here on the blog, you noticed?  This was good as I wrapped up a few writing projects before the holiday season. In our homeschool… moving right along.  This season is one of the most mellow, yet deeply rich, periods of […]

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