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Crunchy Oven-Baked Chicken

crunchy oven baked chicken

Here’s an easy recipe that I know tastes great, but wasn’t sure if it would freeze well. Pleased to report that it does! Super simple and plenty of flavor. Yum…


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Food Storage Tips for Pantry and Freezer {and a giveaway!}

this post may contain affiliate links; full disclosure here Welcome to Day #8 in our series on real food - we’re about food storage today. If you’ve worked hard to purchase higher quality foods for your family, it would be terrible to lose it to freezer-burn, moisture, bugs, or molding, rotting, etc.  Hopefully, storing items properly […]

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Benefits of Freezer Cooking {and ideas for what to cook!}

We’ve made it one week!  All posts in this series on stocking our pantry & freezer can be found HERE. Today, allow me to wax eloquent on the benefits of freezer cooking.  Yesterday I shared what we stock in our freezers, so you can take a peek if you’d like. I love having my pantry bursting with […]

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Real Food Freezer Essentials {what we stock up on!}

this post may contain affiliate links; full disclosure here WELCOME BACK! We’re on Day #4 of this 10 Day series, and I hope you’re gaining some new info and being inspired.  Feel free to ask questions, leave comments or jot me an email. Today, let’s look at real food freezer essentials…  A note on freezer […]

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10 ways I’m organizing for ‘back to school’ days

Yes, we’re homeschoolers. And yes, technically, we’re back to school already.  But, most of our activities or classes haven’t started yet.  Soon. Several years ago, I learned to prepare ahead of time for this season.  New schedules bring their own kind of chaos until everything becomes a little more routine. September can often be the setting for the perfect […]

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planning for a freezer cooking day

The next several weeks are full ones for our family (more on this soon), and so I’ve spent extra time in the kitchen recently.  My goal is to prep ahead some meals for the freezer. Since I enjoy peeking into others’ methods for family meals or kitchen ideas, I thought I’d share here just what happens […]

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