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10 ways I’m organizing for ‘back to school’ days

Yes, we’re homeschoolers. And yes, technically, we’re back to school already.  But, most of our activities or classes haven’t started yet.  Soon. Several years ago, I learned to prepare ahead of time for this season.  New schedules bring their own kind of chaos until everything becomes a little more routine. September can often be the setting for the perfect […]


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Coming Soon! The Homemaking eBook Bundle – a great Mother’s Day gift

:: Regular readers of the blog would know I’m a lover of books. Since I’m often highlighting and suggesting books for your reading pleasure, I definitely wanted to introduce to you a HUGE bundle of ebooks coming your way! An Ultimate Homemaker’s Library This homemaking ebook bundle isn’t a simple collection of helps — it […]

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52 Ways for More Serenity in Life and Home :: live ‘clean enough’! (week #16)

It’s definitely been a week of embracing the mess as we still wait and search for answers to some health struggles I’m facing. New meds have finally brought a level of relief over the weekend and further testing happens this week.  Thank you for continued prayers! And now, let’s chat about serenity in the home… […]

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52 Ways for More Serenity in Life and Home :: simple systems (week #10)

How are you doing at counting the cost for goals ahead of you? These ‘no’ responses do not need to be earth-shattering or huge leaps.  Think simple changes, small steps. While I enjoy time in the kitchen, this month I’m saying no to leafing through cookbooks (or Pinterest!) for fresh recipes or inspiration.  As I […]

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planning for a freezer cooking day

The next several weeks are full ones for our family (more on this soon), and so I’ve spent extra time in the kitchen recently.  My goal is to prep ahead some meals for the freezer. Since I enjoy peeking into others’ methods for family meals or kitchen ideas, I thought I’d share here just what happens […]

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yearly organization at a glance :: the file crate system

When I first mentioned the file folder or file crate system, many of you wrote in excited to hear more – well, today is the day! I’ve used this system for about 2.5 years, though it’s not my original idea!  I simply adopted Dawn from by Sun and Candlelight’s system.  Dawn is such an inspiration in […]

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