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encouragement for a mother’s heart :: treasures, part 2

Encouragement for a Mother’s Heart :: here’s part I in case you missed it. Reflections on II Cor. 4: 7-8, 16-18. Scripture tells us we have this TREASURE (the light of God) in jars of clay. What an encouragement to know God works in us!  It also means that we are clay. Destructible and sometimes […]


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encouragement for a mother’s heart :: treasures, part 1

{an edited post from the archives…} ~*~ “For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” Matthew 6:21 So many times our mother’s heart is filled with thoughts of what we need to do…the organizing, the managing, the daily tasks and the running here and there. Other times we have concerns, questions and […]

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Out of the Mouths of Babes

I’ve come to believe that God most definitely has a sense of humor. I’ve also come to believe that this must be a primary reason why children say things out of the blue, catching everyone off guard, and yet profoundly speaking to the hearts of those around. So begins a recent interaction with our five-year old […]

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creativity :: crafting beautiful things

{a few more thoughts today on doing beautiful things, words written last week still simmering in my heart} Creativity will broaden, deepen, intensify your relationship with God. It can be your most vital, viable, examining experience, resulting in worship and wonder.” ~Ruth Vaughn Back in October I met with kindred hearts, women who write, who pour out life […]

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{to do a beautiful thing}

Disbelief filled the room, whispers and questions rising, alarmed at her actions.  In Bethany that day a woman crosses conventional wisdom, counter-culture intent with purpose, seeking to surrender possessions of great worth. She carries expensive fragrance encased in alabaster beauty and pours on the Master’s head. What compelled her, moved her into the space of […]

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on being perfect :: final thoughts

{part one & part two here; just some thoughts after hearing an impactful speech} I have no words that will release you into never struggling again with perfectionism. This post may even disappoint and bring on more questions than answers. I can however, point towards a few directions that caused a change of mentality and […]

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