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A Peek Into Last Week :: Whole30 week 3, Silhouette stickers, Sabbatical start and a thumb injury!

whole30 salad

Last week began with the close of our annual church camping trip — a wonderful time of connection with this group we love so much. The week also ushered in our Sabbatical start! Though we had a few things to wrap up due to taking off a bit early for said camping trip, we were […]


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A Peek Into Last Week…19th anniversary, homeschooling changes, and a NFL record jump!


Welcome to a NEW month! The month SPRING finally arrives, and that I hope our snow storms go away for good.  Truly, this winter treated us fairly well overall so I cannot complain too much. For several weeks, I have thought of starting this Monday morning feature of looking back into our week as a family. […]

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ten things I’m loving right now

It’s been a little while since I’ve done a ten things post…. it’s time, don’t you think? post may contain affiliate links; see disclosure here. 1.  The new grain mill in my kitchen.  Experimenting with fresh recipes, such as buckwheat pizza crust. 2.  A group of children willing to try out Mom’s latest concoction!  They’re good to […]

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Exploration Station :: our winter wonderland nature table

{post contains affiliate links; see disclosure here} Not long ago, I introduced you to our way of {hopefully} solving the homeschool winter blues – Exploration Station! It’s just the idea of a ‘learning corner’ — setting out materials for the children to explore and play with.  Last week I decided to focus on our winter […]

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10 Guest Posts from 2013 I Really Enjoyed Writing


While I didn’t talk much online about my ‘one word’ for 2013 (unlike previous years), behind the scenes there was an intentional focus happening. Each year, right about this time actually, I set aside room and space to pray, to reflect, to think on a word characterizing the upcoming new year.  I look back on […]

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home decor with a vintage wash tub

I’ve already shared with you my desire to bring in the old for some home decor, and this is my latest project! – an old-looking washtub to hold some reading material. Since we didn’t move into an older home with lots of character (a.k.a. needs lots of work), here and there in corners I plan to […]

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