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home decor with a vintage wash tub

I’ve already shared with you my desire to bring in the old for some home decor, and this is my latest project! – an old-looking washtub to hold some reading material. Since we didn’t move into an older home with lots of character (a.k.a. needs lots of work), here and there in corners I plan to […]


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52 Ways for More Serenity in Life and Home :: define your home and family’s purpose (week #44, #45)

{this post may contain affiliate links; see disclosure here.} We’re closing in to the finish line of this series! Find all posts in the 52 Ways for More Serenity in Life and Home listed here. Week #44  Define your family’s purpose Many, many years ago, I read Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective Families.  For […]

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DIY natural air freshener :: lemon and rosemary simmering pot

Due to allergies and asthma related issues in our home, we don’t use any artificial air fresheners.  Practically everything is unscented including our soaps, candles, detergents and more. While incredibly helpful for sensitive noses, sometimes it feels (or smells) a little blah.  I would appreciate a nice homey scent in the air; something to take […]

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ten things I’m loving right now

1.  The beautiful hydrangea blooms I picked just the other day.  There are so many I want to fill the entire house with them!  My family may think me crazy so I’ll stop with a few. 2.  How happy those blooms make me whenever I pass the dining room table. 3.  Instagram.  The dark side […]

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in my kitchen :: tomato and basil bruschetta

  {photo by my 10 yr old} So after watching Julie and Julia recently {for the umpteenth time!} , bruschetta found its way to our dinner menu. If you have fresh summer tomatoes left, or they’re still coming in for your part of the country, try this simple recipe.  Enjoy it al fresco. * And if you […]

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focusing on right now :: the simple woman’s daybook

Joining in September’s daybook entries…. TODAY: Outside my window… Toys in the backyard, plants needing water.  I see stillness and quiet too. I am thinking… of returning to 3 in 30 goals – remember those?  Choosing 3 projects to complete each month.  September will be pictures, pictures and pictures! I want to:  take new individual pictures of the […]

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