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battling burnout {part two} :: steps to recovery

This week we’ve talked of burnout & the relation to living a purposeful life. A definition to consider and evaluate, and first steps of making our way back.  Of believing that yes, there is hope.  There is recovery from this dark place where stress, overworking, neglecting our needs or striving for perfection has led us. […]

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battling burnout {part 1} :: there is hope

Yesterday’s post included a definition of burnout and yet offered a ray of hope as well — there is recovery from this place. I speak with confidence because my own personal journey in the past year has taken me to places of extreme fatigue of mind and body…perhaps burnout times two? The nature God has granted, one […]

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why you need to sit a spell

when we choose to live intentionally, and not simply just intensely, we learn to rest. to pause.  to sit a while. the invitation and instruction from our Lord is embraced and received with joy. a part of our regular routine and ways :: without apology or explanation, we rest. “Come to me, all you who are […]

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