bits & pieces and a blogging break

the absolute enchantment of sidewalk chalk :: cherry pie goodness :: strawberries for jelly making


preparing snacks and foods…packing up everything we might need…

for a camping trip soon {must finish said strawberries first}!

In light of the fullness of our days ahead, I pause in this space to soak up the activity and excitement of a much-anticipated event of the year.  Summer memories in the making.



I leave you with some goodies found around the web~

:: when I wrote this week about little ones growing up, I had not yet read this post.  Words that moved me and settled me at the same time.  Oh, such rich thoughts.

:: I learned to make almond milk last week!  With prices about $7.00 a gallon, I needed a more frugal plan for our dairy-allergic boys.  The recipe was easy enough, though the children says it needs more honey. Hmm…

:: Our 8-yr old loves to write.  Loves it. And quite accidentally, I recently came across a handbook for young writers that is going to make her day — her summer.  I couldn’t put it down!  But, I’ll wait until after camping to hand it over.

::  First, I found The Burgess Bird Book to be a fascinating collection of stories for the children — imagine the delight at finding a free download of a whole set of cards (in color!) for each bird in the stories.



I’ll return to this space on Monday…be well, friends!



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