52 Ways for More Serenity in Life and Home :: get some sleep (week #5)

Okay, we’re one month into this journey!

I hope you’re finding these posts to encourage healthy habits, not just weekly to-do’s; ways which become lifestyle practices.  I’m praying for you — may we both find a deeper rhythm of calm in our lives.

Here’s a recap of January’s 52 Ways posts:

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week #3 :  stop multitasking like crazy!

week #4:  read what feeds you

Week #5:  Prioritize sleep.  Recently, I overheard my husband in a conversation about TV where he commented how the tube used to go off at night.  At some point, it was no more.  A static screen filled hours until morning viewing returned.  I remember this from late night slumber parties at friends’ homes.

We didn’t own a television in my home growing up, but I seem to know a lot about it right? 🙂

So think with me — what if we too were done at a certain time?  

What if we too ‘turned off’ – with no more to give until morning light?

Yes friends – proper physical rest absolutely needs priority in our lives.  We were designed by our Creator for hours of pause and deep sleep on a daily basis (naps can be great too!).  Scratching the surface of research will point to how everything from our brain to our digestive system rests and restores during sleep.

I believe physical rest should be scheduled when outlining our days.  When will I sleep? is a priority question and is answered by setting aside enough time for our bodies to enjoy this gift.

We’ll feel better, think clearer and face whatever the daytime brings with much more calm than if we’re sleep-deprived on a regular basis.  I’m working at this and insomnia is a struggle right now.  But I know its importance and so I take it step-by-step.

** And for any Mama in the sleep-deprived days of infants and young children – I totally get it.  This too shall pass, and the advice is right on:  sleep when the baby sleeps! **

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Action Plan:  Evaluate a normal week for you – do you cut corners in the area of sleep?  If it’s a big problem, start small and try for 15-30 minutes of an earlier bedtime this week.

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