52 Ways for More Serenity in Life and Home :: stay in season (week #47)

The year is wrapping up, can you believe?

I hope you’re enjoying moments of peace and stillness in the midst of the holiday hubbub.  I’m finding my way through it all.

This week holds a tremendous amount of excitement and goodness for our family…There are 2 music rehearsals, 3 Christmas concerts, 1 graduation ceremony, a church anniversary banquet, family & friends from out of town…

and a partridge in a pear tree. 🙂

As you can imagine, I made a MASTER list last weekend in order to keep track of details.

With some prayer, a daily pause for a cup of tea (to review aforementioned list), and an attitude of embracing the slight chaos accompanying such a week,  I hope to keep my sanity and live in the JOY of these celebrations!

Week #47  Stay in Season 

One of my children recently commented how she is ready for spring right after Christmas.

How after a beautiful snow for opening presents, it should all melt, and warmer weather begin immediately.  I could tell this thought made her happy (and some years I feel the same), but I burst into her reflection anyway.

Without winter, there isn’t much of a spring I tell her, and so we need winter each and every year.

It’s true – we too need each life season.

BUT, temptation disturbs our spirits, and entices us to run, to move, to rush ahead when the green light isn’t shining, but we simply cannot wait.

Oh, I could tell you story after story from my own journey of jumping out of season too soon, too quickly.  You?

I think it’s because we experience the signs around us.  You sense and even see movement, change, release, new horizons, fresh opportunities, and it can feel incredibly frustrating to WAIT.

Whatever idea, project, adventure, change, or next step you’re itching for…pause to consider if it’s really time.  Especially right now, when the slate of a NEW YEAR lies ahead, you can feel incredibly pulled to establish something NEW.

But friends, there is little peace found in acting and behaving as if a season is past, when in reality it’s not quite done yet.

Just because the calendar rolls from one year to the next, this doesn’t require you suddenly establish fresh goals or move on new ideas!

Yes, you should reflect and consider the days ahead; and if it’s truly time, GO for it – don’t hesitate.

If not? — then stay in season.

SOON.  Soon, it will be your turn.


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