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Last week I definitely took several tasks off my to-do list as a camping trip got cancelled due to rainy weather!

We found ourselves with open days, and so rearranged plans to be at home, run some errands, and relax outdoors.  Our first campfire and s’mores of the season made the weekend complete.

Week #23  Simplify summer vacation expectations

We’re not ones to take annual trips to any specific location, but vacation away is on our schedules every other summer or so.  As much as home is the place we love to be, visiting new places (or old ones) is also fun!

Several years ago when arriving at the beach for our vacation…lugging the cooler, oodles of sand toys, stopping for a potty break, carrying little ones who complained of hot sand,

finding a spot, unpacking our things, reminding the children of beach rules, snapping on life vests, and the dozens of other things to be done (whew!),

…my husband turns to me and says Let’s remember this is a family vacation, not a couple’s retreat with a smile on his face.

Why?  Because so often we can try to jam-pack in too many visions and expectations for our times away.

On our trip, we knew most of our time would be spent with the children, making memories and enjoying who they are to our family.

Time alone as a couple wasn’t the most important priority – this was for another vacation!  Time alone individually took place a little, but this too was for another time.

I think it’s helpful to decide ahead of time what the focus and purpose of your vacation is — and what this *might* look like.  I’m not at all suggesting a tight schedule, but at least an outlook.

Is it for sight-seeing, total rest and relaxation, a mix of both? 

Verbalizing what the expectations are can calm everyone and also prevent some vacation let-downs.  Simplifying those expectations is also beneficial.

If you’re finding yourself cramming in tons of ideas for summer vacation (and you know you’re cramming vs. intentionally planning!), it could be a sign that other getaways are needed.  Maybe a day or even afternoon away for personal time, or plan on scheduling more date nights (or a whole weekend!) away to bless your marriage.

Relaxing and rest shouldn’t wait for an annual vacation anyway…this needs its own rhythm throughout the year.


Action Plan:  Think through your summer, vacation plans or not.  Is it realistic?  Are there ways to simplify?  Are you truly taking time to rest if that’s needed…or simply cramming in a bunch of activity?  Be bold enough to make changes as needed.

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Oh, this is so true. We need proper expectations of all things at all times! You have a wise husband.

To GOD be the glory for all you have accomplished with HIM and thru HIM. It is a BLESSING for me to stmblued on your weight loss journey. I feel it has not beeb by accident. I pray you reach the goal best for you. Thank GOD that you have started the journey. Those like myself are still thinking and trying to start. Keep me in your prayers and I will do the same for you. GOD BLESS YOU ON YOUR JOURNEY!!!!!

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