• Welcome! I'm Daniele ~ author of Domestic Serenity, mother, and a friend on the journey. Lover of herbal teas and reader of books...a little more about me here.

thank you Domestic Serenity readers welcome TWO NEW websites!!

After twelve years of blogging, I offer a final goodbye and thank you to Domestic Serenity.

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this is me

Before moving to a new website, I pause to openly introduce myself for the first time since I began blogging 11 years ago. This EPIC post offered in audio version as well.

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a request for your prayers

Sometimes we run into crazy barriers in shifting directions or tackling a BIG project. I’m requesting your prayers in the middle of this exact phase!

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what to do with someone’s story :: an invitation

We are getting close to transitioning from this blog to another website — I am very excited! But before this next step, a few thoughts to consider.

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homeschooling through tough times (part 2)

Today I continue a two-part series offering ideas for keeping homeschooling steady during our tough seasons. Feel free to email or offer your own thoughts!

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homeschooling through tough times (part 1)

Sometimes in our hardest seasons, we cannot imagine continuing on with homeschooling. Today I share just why our family did and some encouragement for those struggling. (Part 1)

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