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right now :: November 2017

birthday wishes

It’s been a few months without fresh words on the blog. So sharing a little on our right now as a family and peeks into life these days.


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summer dinners :: shrimp boil packets

shrimp boil

Looking for a quick grilling or oven-baked dish for these summer nights? We found one that’s a keeper. Shrimp boil packets for the win!

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summer 2017 :: frugal and fun for the win!

farm days

Our summer is off to a great start — how about you? We’re enjoying some free and frugal activities around us and wanted to share them with you.

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A Peek into Last Week

playing outdoors

Take a peek into our days from the last week of February! Can you believe it is actually MARCH already? Spring is nearly here…

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simple woman’s daybook :: 1.16.17


I haven’t participated in the Simple Woman’s daybook in ages! Seems like a great way to start this week and to gather up moments from our life!

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postcards from Chicago :: a day at Transforming Community

fall foliage

Part of self-care for me has meant radical care for my body: good sleep, healthier foods and following through on checkups. I am also caring radically for my soul….

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